5 BEST Side Hustles To Make An Extra $3,000 Monthly Income

Digital Products

Create a digital product. There’s a lot of different digital products that you could be creating out there. Think about what people compliment you on and might be excited to give you money for.

Flipping Stuff

Flipping stuff online is not literally doing flips but selling things. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Use Your Day Job to Fund Your Side Hustle

I actually got my side hustle business financed through my consultant day job. The big thing to really think about is what skill do you have in your day job?

Selling Baked Goods

A school teacher who took my monthly 1k course now makes a significant amount of side hustle income selling cookies.

Organizing Network Events

I actually made over $200,000 organizing networking events. I wasn’t trying to make money on it. I just created an event and activity that I was really excited to go to myself.



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Bernard Okoth

Bernard Okoth

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