Best Passive Income Ideas To Make $100 A Day Fast

passive income ideas

Online Concierge

The first one is being an online concierge. The traditional idea of a concierge is someone that knows their way around the person that can get you things. We usually think of this at the hotel.

Mastermind Groups

Another great source of online passive income is creating mastermind groups for monthly memberships.

Blogging & Vlogging

When I started my blogs in 2014, it took six months to make any money at all. And that was a big fat check for all of $56. Yeah, I was living on ramen noodles but I put in the time to grow that income up to $2,000 a month after the first year.

Online Store

A close friend is making nearly a thousand dollars a month in her free time with a store on Etsy or Shopify.

Creating Holiday Shopping Bundle Deals

Next on our list of passive income ideas is a great one for set it and forget it cash flow creating bundle deals for black Friday and holiday shopping.

Dividend Stocks or Real Estate Investing

Another scam you see often is the investing articles and videos masquerading as passive income.

Self-Publishing and Creating Online Courses

This is the passive income source that started it all for me self-publishing and creating online courses. This is really what enabled me to go full time on my online business.

Selling Printable

Selling printable is one of the easiest I’ve found to make hundreds a month. Now this is similar to that idea of self-publishing but instead it’s just a one or a two page checklist that you’re going to sell through a blog or social media.

Affiliate Marketing

This is almost completely passive income. Affiliate marketing blog is just a website where your primary source of income is going to be mentioning products and courses and they’re getting a commission of the sales on those.



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Bernard Okoth

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