How To Make Over $10K Per Month Passive Income — 10 BEST Side Hustles To Start Today

passive income ideas

Rental Income

This can potentially make you a lot of money depending on how involved you want to be. I don’t think you need to buy a property with $20K down in a highly competitive market with all cash investors to make this work.

Selling Stuff

For anybody who doesn’t have extra money but wants to make money without having to spend money, I have the perfect solution for you. That would be selling stuff you already own.

Part-time Job

If you want a guaranteed passive income side hustle without all the responsibilities of managing a side hustle, you should consider getting a part-time job.

Starting Your Own Business

This one takes significantly more work and it’s pretty much the exact opposite of getting a part-time job. It can also be very rewarding financially.

Focus Groups

If you don’t want the obligation of running your own business or the time commitment of agreeing to do a part-time job but you still want to make some passive stacks of cash without a lot of work, consider joining focus groups.

Flipping Items

If you want to make a little extra money on the side working just a few hours a month, this is absolutely a good way to do it. Flipping items for free online requires zero dollars to start.

Credit Card Churning

This one would have to be my favorite. I got started in my own personal finance journey and it’s absolutely the opposite of anything Dave Ramsey would ever suggest.

Monetize Your Skills

The thing is if you’re good at something or if you have a unique skill like calculus, or building websites, you can learn how to turn that into a business.

Dividend Income

The quickest way to build passive income that almost everyone can begin implementing immediately is dividend income.

Capital Gains

The other passive income source that goes hand in hand with stocks is capital gains. This is when you sell your investment like a dividend stock for a profit. The amount you pay tax on is what’s known as your capital gains.



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