How To Retire A Millionaire — The Secret To Early Retirement

Level one is drifting

Now there’s no shame in this but it is the bare minimum.

Level two is stability

This is basically drifting but with captain America shield protecting your financial interests.

Level three is freedom

There’s a very clear way to know when you’ve hit this level and it’s called the four percent rule.

Level four is abundance

Now this is the absolute summit of the retirement mountain. Some people achieved this goal at 65yrs while others managed to climb the mountain much quicker. I’m talking in their early 30s.

Level 1 Drifting

At this level, you’re financially reliant on other people maybe this is student loans or even your parents. The beauty of beating this level is you finally gain your independence from those that seek to control you.

Level Two Stability

By reaching this level, you have already beaten the majority of people as you’ve secured your retirement later in life. However, at this point you’ll be tested more than ever as the drifters will want to drag you back down the mountain.

Level Three Freedom

This is the stage where you retrain yourself from day work and get paid based on your value rather than your time. My old chiropractor started out by just doing the basics cracking backs and getting dollar but he quickly realized all of his time was being sold.

Level Four Abundance

This is F*U money the kind of money that most people only dream of that allows you to turn down any opportunity that you’re not interested in because it just doesn’t matter.



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Bernard Okoth

Bernard Okoth

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