Top 4 Assets To Invest In That Will Make You Rich!

Bernard Okoth
5 min readJun 8, 2022


Now I know most people are probably thinking this guy is going to give us assets that if I buy them by the end of the year I’ll be rich. It’s going to be so easy but I hate to burst your bubble. These assets are no easy way to wealth.

You actually have to put in time and effort into learning, and getting your head around them. And yes, they can make you a lot of money but you got to at least put in a bit of work up front.

One thing that I will say about this way of making money, it’s a lot easier than working a nine-to-five job or anything like that. It takes less time, is more fun, and certainly a lot more money can be made.


The first asset is stocks. There’s no doubt that stocks can make you wealthy. You can’t be a lazy stock investor or you’re going to lose. You’re not going to find the Tesla or the Draft King because you didn’t do the upfront work.

To be successful, start buying stocks. I’d recommend you just dip your toes in first. You don’t need large amounts of money to get started and invest.

You can literally build a small portfolio for a hundred, or two hundred dollars. Start investing and you can find a whole new way of making money.

Online Business

I know what you’re going to say that having an online business is too hard. I can’t do that, I just want to work my nine-to-five job. Even if you love your nine-to-five job, you should still be starting a side hustle.

It doesn’t really matter, starting an online business made me a millionaire and it’s making many people a lot of money. It doesn’t matter what you’re into or what your passion is, you can monetize it online.

You have knowledge worth sharing, and we can help you do it. If you’ve ever considered creating an online course, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s time to turn ambition into action. In 30 days, you’re going to outline your course, create your first lecture, and learn how to sell — all with expert, step-by-step guidance from our team.

If it’s photography, you can sell your photos on Etsy and Shutterstock. If you like guitar or music, you can teach that online. It doesn’t have to earn you millions of dollars but I don’t think anyone would complain about a decent side income.

Nowadays, everyone wants to be online but so few know how to make an income online. It’s not too hard to start up a business online.

Real Estate

This is a little hard to get into because even though you can borrow 80% of the money you need for a house, you still have to have a deposit saved up to buy it.

how real estate investors make money

Nevertheless, it is an asset that can make you rich and most people who are rich will own some form of real estate. You can get started from the bottom with no money.

I’m purchasing some real estate soon and I recently went to a couple of auctions. The real estate agent side of things also looks like a lot of fun.

Being an agent gives you inside knowledge and you get to know the true value of each house. You also get to know exactly what to look for on a property, and how to get a deal done.

So maybe you could consider becoming an agent before buying a property. If you don’t have enough money, you can invest the little you have in a REIT.

A REIT stands for real estate investment trust and is basically a stock that invests in real estate. It is a cheaper way of investing in property.

But if you really want to become wealthy investing in real estate, you have to become an independent property owner. That’s how Trump got rich. You don’t have to be as big as most top real estate investors.

Start by owning one or two homes that can bring in thousands of dollars of rental income each month.


Oil, water, gold are all scarce resources since we have a limited amount of them on the planet. If you become an owner of something that has a finite amount of it, it normally becomes a valuable investment.

Certain types of commodities also get big tax breaks. For example, oil tangible cost for drilling is a hundred percent deductible. Bitcoin is a currency but it’s also a commodity at the same time.

If bitcoin continues to grow its influence and more people adopt it’s use, there is bound to be a lot of money to be made. Bitcoin is also very risky compared to the other assets.

The main difference between the rich and the poor is poor like to secure a job and climb their way up the corporate ladder. They put on a suit every day to work nine to five to make some money from a simple wage.

Rich people work for assets. They make money with the assets while you sleep. Buy stocks, commodities, and invest in real estate when you can. If you truly want to become wealthy, start your own business.

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