UNIQUE Passive Income Ideas To Make $700 A Day!

Spotify Playlists

So we’re starting off strong, but what am I talking about? Well, the other day, I was just going through Instagram stories, and I got an ad for a playlist.

Spotify playlist

Merch by Amazon

One of my friends is a reasonable digital artist and has been working on many different designs for years.

Vending Machines

So this idea is clearly a lot harder than the first two. However, Selecta is one of the biggest vending machine companies in the world and they reported sales of over 1 billion in 2021, which was up 3% on 2020.

Software As A Service (SaaS)

SaaS stands for software as a service. The beauty of this idea is that they often use a subscription-based pricing model, so instead of a customer paying once for your software, they pay on an ongoing basis.

software as a service (SaaS)

Digital Downloads

The internet is definitely the place to make lots of money, as its growth has been exponential. In 2020, there were 305,000 online businesses created, compared to only 13,000 in 2019.

selling digital downloads


Now, I hold my hands up. This isn’t exactly unique, but I couldn’t leave it out. This is the truest form of passive income you will ever get.



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Bernard Okoth

Bernard Okoth

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